19 April 2017

ten thoughts on a wednesday

we loved visiting russia. our time in st. petersburg and moscow was really, really cold (and snowy!) but totally full of beauty and fascination and learning and pleasant surprises. i thought russia might be a country i'd go to once and then feel pretty satisfied, but i really would like to go back to russia one day - maybe in the summer next time ;)
(<< we particularly loved seeing red square. we were freaking out when we first went there on the night we arrived in moscow. seeing st. basil's cathedral for the first time is among the biggest jaw-drop moments i've ever had traveling the world.)

this most recent trip was, despite all the awesomeness of russia, difficult for me in some ways. you'd think that ian and i would have traveling together down pat - we've certainly had some practice! - but for some reason this adventure stretched us as traveling companions a bit and there were some real rough spots. i am grateful for those opportunities to learn and become better.

moses is so much fun right now. he's really becoming a little boy. just in the past couple of days he has started waving and clapping his hands on cue, and he gets in silly moods and giggling fits. he delighted so many people in russia and was a total champ throughout the trip. our tour guide in moscow kept telling us that he is "impossibly cute." we couldn't agree more!!

after ten+ years of searching, i believe that i have found my professional/work calling in life. i am so excited about forging ahead on a new career path, but for a few reasons it will probably be a little while before i officially start down that path. i think it will be worth the wait, and it feels so good to feel a preemptive sense of belonging in a professional field.

i have been exposed on a bit of a personal level to a few heartbreaking tragedies lately, and that has reminded me how fragile life is and how precious time with loved ones is. i am so grateful for all the relationships in my life and just want to nurture and cherish them like crazy!

as of today, i'm back on track with my no-eating-treats-except-on-holidays lifestyle, and i know i'll feel so much better as i follow through on this! i've been thinking so much about the principle of taking care of our physical bodies - i think it is so, so important! and i want to be better at it, always improving and developing more healthy self control. in addition to keeping my sugar intake in check, i've recently determined to eat less meat. i personally believe that it is best to eat meat sparingly, and so i'm trying to have it only once or twice a week.

one of my old roommates and her husband are in london right now and it's been so fun to spend time with them while they've been staying with us. and in a couple of weeks, my dearest friend catherine and her baby boy are coming to visit! i have a love-hate relationship with hosting visitors. it can be really tricky in a tiny flat and with busy lives, but it is also so great in many ways! we have family visiting in june, august, october and likely december.

pretty much without fail, if i turn on this song, moses will ditch any unhappiness and boogie a little. the second he hears the beginning of the song, he totally lights up! we both love this tune, but i'm looking for some new music to dig. any suggestions?

i am absolutely thrilled that we will be staying in the uk for the next three months! we cancelled a trip to norway (we hadn't booked anything, but were looking forward to it) because we just feel it is important for us to stay put for a bit. we have a couple of england road trips planned in may and june and then in july we head back to the states to see family. we have been so lucky to have been able to travel so much in the first couple years of our marriage, but we now feel really good about entering a new phase with a bit less travel.

jesus is alive! i have felt so tender this easter season as i've reflected on my faith in christ. i have enjoyed a sweet closeness to the saviour this spring. i believe in and have felt his power. and as i've learned of him, i've had exciting realizations on how i can live better and fuller.

just some thoughts on a wednesday evening! looking forward to sharing some photos from our russia trip (and also finally from my time in california with my mom and sisters) soon!

12 April 2017

springtime in london!

IMG_5404 IMG_5534

springtime is here in london! and it is g l o r i o u s !

IMG_5719IMG_5458 IMG_5470IMG_5465 IMG_5482 

i’m still working on a post about the time i had with my sisters, mom and sick baby in california.
but before we leave for russia tomorrow morning, i wanted to share some photos from the past couple of weeks in sensational london. the beauty of this city in the blossoming of spring has knocked me out.

^^ moses and i made it home after a long travel day, and then proceeded to
stay up until 5am, and sleep in until 2pm! jet lag is pretty killer on an eight month old. ^^
IMG_5363IMG_5367 IMG_5369
^^ as soon as we were awake that afternoon, we headed straight to our neighborhood park (st. james’s park!) and i nearly died over the splendor of the flowerbeds! ^^
IMG_5379 IMG_5429
^^ one of our first errands when we got home was to get photos taken for our russian visa applications. i cannot stand how darling moses’s picture is!! ^^
^^ a photo from a fabulous walk in the park last saturday
between watching general conference sessions ^^
IMG_5405 IMG_5431 IMG_5450 IMG_5452
^^ I SAW THE QUEEN! that calls for all caps. i was walking to meet some friends for lunch and noticed a lot of police and blocked off streets near westminster abbey. i overheard one of the policewomen saying that the royal family was coming out of the church in ten minutes! what?! moses and i watched from the other side of the road and i was honestly so starstruck – like embarrassingly so. my heart was racing – haha! can you spot the queen in her darling purple outfit, walking with prince philip in the picture on the left? then prince william came out (see him talking to the archbishop before getting in his car?). i was disappointed to not see kate (my favourite royal), but prince william waved at me from his car as he drove away!! (!!!) it was all pretty cool. i was on a high for the rest of the day. ^^
IMG_5477 IMG_5420IMG_5491 LivelyIMG_5506 IMG_5514
^^ the teeny tiny daisies that carpet grassy meadows in the city’s parks
are one of my favourite things ever! ^^
IMG_5585IMG_5523 IMG_5526
^^ moses is captivated by the blossoms! ^^
IMG_5587 IMG_5540IMG_5553IMG_5570 IMG_5575IMG_5583 IMG_5594IMG_5721
^^ i saw this street on my friend’s instagram stories and knew i had to go experience it for myself.
that petal dust! i felt like i was in a dreamland. ^^
IMG_5618 IMG_5616 IMG_5621IMG_5607  IMG_5641 IMG_5627 IMG_5612 IMG_5645
all these pics are from a long walk moses and i took through south kensington and chelsea one afternoon and i thought i might just burst because i was so full of adoration for this pretty, pretty city that i get to call home!!!
IMG_5661 IMG_5668IMG_5649 IMG_5698
^^ a bunch of big inflatable easter bunnies! okay! ^^
IMG_5672 IMG_5687IMG_5707 IMG_5728

the weather forecast for st. petersburg, where we are flying tomorrow morning, says nothing above thirty seven degrees fahrenheit over the next five days. sooooo, we are trading in blossoms and balminess for snow! i’m excited.
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