waiting and anticipating...{something awesome for free in the meantime!}


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...still no baby!

of the twenty four babies born to my mom, sisters and i, not one has been born on his/her due date or after - all twenty four were early!! and tomorrow s this new little love's due date - so he may be a new trend setter.

we are waiting, waiting, anticipating - and i've decided to just have fun with all the old-wives-tales natural induction methods i can find. bring on the pineapple cores, reflexology, raspberry leaf tea, etc etc... i'm also just trying to cherish my last days being pregnant and with only moses, the incredible weather london has been experiencing lately, and the precious time i get to spend with my angel mother (who keeps reminding me that the baby is sooo much easier inside than out!).

some pictures from the past few days i decided i might as well post while i'm waiting, waiting, anticipating...
and something really awesome (and free!) i wanted to share at the bottom of the post...

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^^ moses and i have taken grammie to lots of different parks around the city - there's nothing like london's parks! especially in this delicious weather! (this is regent’s park, my favourite!) ^^
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^^ these two tiny little shops are in competition for being the cutest tiny little shops ever, am i right?! spotted them on my walk home from yoga the other day. ^^
IMG 0963 IMG 0966
^^ the sunken garden at kensington palace, blooming … and a slide at the princess diana playground, a hit with mo who went on it at least thirty times that afternoon! ^^
IMG 1027
^^ kyoto garden at holland park, bathed in sunshine. ^^
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^^ my recent google internet browsing history … and current random pregnancy craving! ^^
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^^ yesterday i took my mom to afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday a bit early … the big day is on sunday and now we are thinking she might share a birthday with her number thirty one grandchild…? it was so fun to share a fancy meal in the sunshine with my amazing mum. ^^
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and now for that something awesome and free to share!!
my sister saren and her husband and five kids went on an epic road trip to twelve national parks a couple of summers ago … and then collected all their documentation and suggestions into a national parks guide for families! it’s a pretty incredible resource that saren is offering right now for free on her new website power of families. if you’re planning for or hoping to take a trip to a national park in the western usa, this is invaluable - detailed info on all the best hikes and activities for kids and a treasure trove of tips. 
the guide is being offered for free just through this weekend, so go check it out and get it downloaded asap! 

national parks guide for families

National parks guide  1

send labor-inducing vibes our way! :) and have an amazing weekend!


no baby yet! it’s so wild to live every day wondering when things will kick in and get going towards labor and delivery. every single morning i wake up super early and am convinced the sensations i am feeling mean i am going into labor. and then i realize i just really have to go to the bathroom ;) we will see when the little guy decides to make his entrance!

in the meantime … we are having a great time with mom in town. she ended up moving her flight up a few days and it is soooo wonderful to have her here. she is the grandest mother and the grandest grandmother - i feel so blessed to have her by my side as i enter a new phase of my own mothering with baby number two!

and she just published a new book!!

i know i am biased, but this is some seriously good stuff! my mom is a grandmother to thirty and she is the most deliberate, fantastic grandmother i have ever encountered. her vast experience - along with her golden heart - has provided her with so much knowledge and so many ideas and i'm so glad she's sharing them!! the new book includes:
-a plethora of tips and thoughts for grandmothers both "new" and "old" (provided by my mom and many other grandmothers from whom she has collected insights)
-thoughts around embracing in-laws and the heaven of welcoming new babies
-tips for grandmothering when "things go wrong"
-the secret ingredient for helping grandchildren develop grit and avoid the ever-present issues of entitlement
-suggestions for one-on-one and small group adventures with grandchildren
-stimulating ideas for taking care of oneself through the aging process
-ideas for organizing exciting and inclusive family reunions.

doesn't this sound like such a perfect mother's day present for the grandmothers (who are grand mothers!) in your life? you can buy the book here on amazon.

we are ready for you any minute, grandbaby number thirty one!

ten thoughts from a wednesday |34|

happy thursday! i meant to publish this post yesterday and it just didn’t happen. life is wild and full right now as we anticipate baby brother arriving any day! so this post is ten thoughts from a wednesday rather than ten thoughts on a wednesday :)

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waiting for a baby to be born is such a peculiar thing. we are really in any-minute-now mode, and it’s just wild! i’m so curious about how it will all start and how it will all go. not anxious, just curious. and very excited. i’ve actually been looking up ways to prevent the onset of labor - i feel like most women at 38.5 weeks are looking up ways to encourage the onset of labor! … but i just feel like i need a little bit more time! my mom actually moved her flight up and is arriving tomorrow morning. we also have a cleaner and handy-man coming tomorrow. there’s some last things on my list to do that will make me feel totally ready. so i think by the weekend i’ll switch over to the encouraging onset of labor stuff :)
my body is definitely preparing to give birth. braxton hicks contractions like craaaazy all day long, baby is sitting lower and lower, and i’m just feeling so much niggling that delivery is pretty close. we will see when baby boy decides to make his entrance! i feel incredibly grateful to bear and birth this baby. i am so excited to meet him.

speaking of anticipating when our baby will be born … i’m hoping he will come on the same day as his cousin (my sister-in-law julie is due on sunday!) and/or the royal baby (apparently delivery is very close for will and kate’s newest arrival!) ;)

IMG 0736 IMG 0737
IMG 0739 IMG 0749

i’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of impermanence lately. i want to develop the ability to remember impermanence when i’m in the midst of pain. i actually had an extremely emotional weekend that left me feeling so very heavy and dark, and now just a few days later i feel surrounded in light. pain is temporary. and usually productive in some way or another. and really can become beautiful. i know all these things - i have deep conviction that they are true - but in the moment it is so difficult to remember. pain feels so incredibly permanent when we are in the thickest part of it. but it is impermanent. {i am especially going to be trying to remember this while in labor!}

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we saw hamilton!!!! i mentioned a few wednesdays past how crazy thrilled i was to find tickets for ian and i and my brother tal who wanted to come to london from switzerland to see the show. the anticipation built over time and by last friday evening we were all buzzzzzing with excitement. it was so so fun to have talmadge in town and to have the hamilton experience all together. my expectations were pretty sky high, and i gotta say, they were blown away. from the very beginning to the very end of the show i was mesmerized, amazed, and affected. it is absolutely a work of genius! and the talent level of the performers was just so, so high. the energy in the theatre and on the stage was electric. i felt like we were transported to another world of incredible creativity, storytelling and poignant themes of humanity. i was taken back by how very moving it was - especially the second half - and right after it was over i honestly couldn’t talk and could barely breathe for a few minutes. i know that sounds super dramatic, but honestly. it was mind blowing.

IMG 0700 IMG 0693IMG 0710
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^^ that picture on the right above is to illustrate how we felt on the tube ride home from the show - totally overwhelmed and exhausted! i slept really horribly that night with the songs running through my head and just the wonder of it all in my veins. ^^
IMG 0704 IMG 0707
^^ it was sooooo great to hang with tal for a few days. we always have the best conversations and i am just so lucky to related to such a cool person. we shared some really great meals and moses and i showed uncle tal around our garden. tal even helped us set up the birthing pool in our living room (just to try it out to make sure we know what we are doing when the time comes to blow and fill it up for real!) ^^

at the suggestion of several of you readers, i started listening to the better than happy podcast. the other day my sister pointed me to an episode called “stay in your own business,” which was just what i needed to hear on that day. lately, i am learning a lot about letting go. sometimes it feels paradoxical or even wrong to let go, but i am realizing that i need to and should make the sacrifices necessary in order to do so. and i need to and should stay in my own business. this is particularly hard for me in marriage, because i feel so strongly that marriage is about complete partnership - even oneness. but i’m learning that the (eternal) path to perfect companionship requires letting go.

my dear friend brittany decided to take a last-minute spring break trip to london, so today baby and i got to go to afternoon tea with her! brit has been to london four times since we moved here, and we’ve done afternoon tea together each time - it’s now a beloved tradition. it was so great to catch up over finger sandwiches, scones and outrageously pretty/delicious little treats - brittany is a deep soul and i always feel like i can talk to her on a deep level about most anything.

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brene brown says we should have a “hard back, soft front, wild heart.” i love that so much.
here’s some pictures from a spectacular flower shop in notting hill called “wild at heart.” isn’t that just perfect?!

IMG 0826
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the other day i was changing moses’s diaper and we were talking about his different body parts. out of the blue he said, clear as day, “elbow,” and pointed to his elbow. i have never taught him that word (i don’t remember ever even talking about elbows!) - so i was really taken back! i just love that he whips out new words like this almost everyday. he has been saying “this” and “that” all the time lately. and he has officially hit the stage where he wants to do things on his own - he emphatically says “mo!” and on that note, he has also recently learned how to spell his name - first “emmmmm” and then “oooooo” :) this morning i was getting something out of the kitchen and then caught him dancing on his own, very enthusiastically and with the hugest grin, in the middle of our living room to “five little monkeys jumping on the bed.” seriously this kid is so much fun. he is full of dancing, giggling, exploring, talking, running, hugging. he’s our joy boy and we love him like crazy.

IMG 0757 IMG 0758
^^ mo is fascinated by the baby’s bed. he decided he simply must get in the moses basket and i had to snap a picture of him and then compare it with a picture of him in the same spot at one week old! ^^
IMG 0717 IMG 0728
^^ another muddy morning on the football pitch … and seeing blossoms and petal dust on the walk home! ^^
IMG 0855 IMG 0766
^^ moses and i love to spy on ian via the “find friends” app on his bike ride home from work. i love that he just casually bikes past buckingham palace everyday - haha! ^^

sometimes, i subconsciously hold on to suffering as some sort of validation/vindication for my experienced hardship. i think we as humans are naturally so obsessed with justice, and it just feels so erroneous to hurt for something that someone else did or for something that seems (and/or completely is!) unfair. and then it’s difficult to lean into healing or light because we want to legitimize our pain. i’ve been thinking a lot about jesus christ, and how he suffered exclusively for what other people did and how he did not not deserve an ounce of his suffering. i’m learning more and more that we want life to be about fairness or getting what we deserve or avoiding pain that’s unjust — but it’s just not. it’s about mercy, forgiveness, humility, and letting go.

 IMG 0763 IMG 0794IMG 0859

in case you can’t tell by all the pictures in this post … blossoms and blooms around London are sure making me happy. baby boy will be born right as spring is really springing here in our pretty city. and the future is looking sunny and bright.

happy wednesday thursday! life is beautiful!