hello! and welcome!!

i’m charity eyre wright, and i live in a little flat with a bright red door in central london with my husband ian (who i sometimes affectionately refer to as “the boy”) and baby boy moses.

i grew up in utah, graduated from wellesley college near boston, spent summers in nyc and dc, studied abroad in jerusalem, and lived and worked in san francisco, where i met the boy. we got married in october 2014, and after some travel around the world, we immigrated to england. ian works in finance and i love being a full-time mom (while still keeping my fingers in education - my professional field over the past ten years). we love each other a lot.

this blog is my personal life history as well as an outlet for sharing things that make me think or make me happy, and for promoting enthusiasm for life and deliberate living. i really like mortality and i think life is gorgeous.

because i tend to describe things with superlatives and hyperbolic phrases, my family teases that i am "dripping with passion." but you know what? i say life deserves that over-the-top language.

i'm super enthusiastic about a lot of things, but i am most dripping with passion about family, faith, true tough love, and the stunning diversity of the wide world.

thanks for coming by!

{you can contact me at charityeyre@gmail.com}


  1. What does "mortality" mean in this context? Odd usage..

    1. It has to do with Charity's faith, the LDS faith (see "Faith" link above for more info if curious). In a very small nutshell, it is a belief that this life, our mortal life, is just a part of an eternal existence which was had parts both before our life on earth, and will have parts after our life on earth.

  2. Would also love to know more about the LDS use of "mortality". It's clearly a beautiful sentiment, but I'm not sure I completely understand its depth or meaning. Thanks Charity!

    1. Mortality is the life we live here on earth/ the life before we die


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